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How to build a solar power energy storage systems

August 3, 2022 by admin
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Solar power energy storage systems are designed according to four systems:

  • Photovoltaic power generation systems;
  • Energy storage systems;
  • Intelligent power distribution systems
  • Energy management systems.
Solar ka trading How to build a solar power energy system

The energy storage system is composed of lithium-ion phosphate battery and energy storage converter PCS. It needs to be based on the total load power and load working characteristics of users. In order to facilitate transportation and installation and reduce the floor space, the energy storage system design of the project is based on lithium iron phosphate battery energy storage technology, which the actual power consumption and energy storage system, as well as the comprehensive efficiency of energy storage system should be considered.

olar ka trading How to build a solar power energy system 1

The energy storage system is mainly composed of lithium iron phosphate battery unit, DC BUS unit, battery management system (BMS), energy storage converter (including isolation transformer) (PCS), container body (including power distribution), energy management system (EMS), monitoring system, automatic fire control system and temperature control system. We have broken into sub sections how to build each energy system:

Here are five parts of the energy system:

Battery system

It is energy storage battery system and adopts modular integrated design from cell to battery array. The battery management system adopts 3-level BMS control system…

Energy storage converter

It adopts advanced power devices and advanced digital control technology to optimize the control performance and improve the reliability of the system…

Container box

Including box and internal auxiliary functions, overall internal rack load-bearing design, heat dissipation design, lighting function, heat insulation function…

Automatic fire fighting system

The automatic fire extinguishing system with heptafluoropropane as the main material is installed with automatic alarm device. Once a fire is detected, the electrical connection between the container and the external equipment…

Temperature control system

The container adopts air conditioning, refrigeration and heating mode, air duct design, accurate air supply to the battery, and keeping the temperature consistency of the whole system…

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