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Data / WiFi Smart Energy Meter

Easily monitor your power with the Data / WiFi smart energy meter…

Smartphones now integrates with energy monitoring Data / WiFi Smart Energy Meter to help identify devices even faster and give you device control right from the app.  With the addition of these smart plugs, Smartphones not only gets detailed energy information about devices on those plugs, but also allows you to control devices directly from the app, at home or on the go.

How it works

  • Install – The monitor installs in your electrical panel.
  • Read – The monitor reads the electrical current being drawn and sends the data to the cloud.
  • Analyse – Analyses that data and sends it back through the app on your phone or desktop.
  • Learn – Over time, it learns what’s happening in your home, detects devices, and provides information on your energy use.


  • 10A – 2200W Max
  • Remote On/Off – Turn electrical devices on/off from anywhere
  • App Support – iOS & Android mobile App
  • Sync Status – Realtime device status
  • Timing – Set timers to turn on/off
  • Share Control – With your family
  • Scene – Turn on/off a group of devices with one tap
  • Voice Control – Works with Amazon Echo (Alexa), Google Home
  • Works with IFTTT – For unlimited possibilities
Bentley Property Developers Smart Energy Meter

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